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Sharps Disposal Stoke-on-Trent

Our specialist team can assist with disposal of clinical and healthcare waste, including sharps. If you need professional services to help ensure all of your waste is disposed of legally, call our team today.

When coping with the risks of used injecting equipment, it is vital that safety is not endangered in any manner and that is why we only supply the highest quality sharps containers which meet with BSI and UN-kind approval.

At Stoke-on-Trent Waste, we provide a complete range of one-trip sharps containers from 0.5 to 22 litres capacity. Our preferred brand-leading Sharpak range features a patented Visilock final closure mechanism which delivers additional security and peace of mind. In addition we also offer wall brackets, trolleys and entirely enclosed sharps container holders for the Sharpak range.

Sharpak have a unique colour coded system, certainly identifying the sharps specification and disposal method for every container.

Urged for the segregation, collection and disposal of partially discharged sharps contaminated with medicines other than cytotoxic or cytostatic medicines. YELLOW Top Sharpak sharps containers should be disposed of by incineration only. YELLOWISH HYDRI sharps containers are furnished with a HYDRI mat interior to consume any small amounts of liquid that might collect in the container.

We believe in offering our customers as much choice as possible, so should you prefer another brand of sharps container which complies with BS7320 and is UN-kind approved, we’d be happy to source choices for you.

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